Zipper Club

Zipper Club is the new band produced by James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins with Lissy Trullie, Mason Orfalea of Cerebral Ballzy, and Jahphet of TV on The Radio. Zipper Club.

"The first single from Zipper Club comes all ready for that mixtape you blare while driving aimlessly around the city at dusk, windows down, volume up."


"Prepare to be left wanting more”


"Going the Distance" is very John Hughes-esque, very feel-free and feel-fine and roll the car window down a little further. A synth-laced, trench-coat-cinematically-billowing-as-you-run-around-the-city-streets kind indie pop. But isn't that the sweet spot?”


Zipper Club is an unlikely pair - a garage band punk formerly of cerbral ballzy fame, with the highbrow sophistication of an east coast artist-slah -songwriter, but the mix somehow makes magic - like a perfectly mixed cocktail, and franky I'm ordering another round